The registration and/or enrollment in Jazz School Online implies the acceptance of the conditions and terms of use set forth in this agreement. In accordance with the personal information protection laws currently in vigor in Canada, the Jazz School Online, registered in the legal name of Jazzworkshop Productions, Jazzworkshop Productions takes precautions to keep User information disclosed to us secure, and such information will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes. All User information is strictly for internal use being necessary for operational purposes. At the same time, Users, in accordance with Canadian law, are free to access, rectify, modify or cancel said data at any time.

LEGAL NOTICE: USER CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY: The User should read and accept all and every one of the conditions stated in this Agreement. Acceptance of these clauses is necessary for the use of our services set forth in this Agreement. The terms and conditions are stated in this Legal Notice found on our website The following persons are considered “Users” of Site: enrolled students, enrolled schools and registered visitors who have access to the services offered in said Site of the Jazz School Online. This agreement will be formalized in Canadian, under the applicable law to all affects, the Canadian Law.

CONTRACTUAL PARTIES: Party one, Jazzworkshop Productions, (herewith, “Service Provider”) registered in the City of Toronto, (Canada) and owner of the registered internet domain, whose commercial activity is musical education, the training of its students, and the promotion and organization of related cultural and artistic events.
Party two, any person or entity (herewith, “User”) who is enrolled, subscribed or merely registered with Jazz School Online, who has freely provided their personal information in the registration form by clicking on the words “enter”, “intro” or “accept” either by using their computer keypad or any other method, such as a computer mouse, thus accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

SUBJECT: The conditions stated herewith are set forth to normalize the services of, connecting the User to the contents and services provided by Jazz School Online, the educational division of the Service Provider.

TARIFFS: The enrollment cost will depend on the length and type of service agreed by the User. Jazz School Online sets forth three types of enrollment. Enrollment in any of the packages offered by Jazz School Online includes unlimited access to all purchased contents of the Jazz School Online website, access to a private My Locker area, as well as continuous self assessment and instruction for a determined amount of time.

PAYMENT FORMS: Users can opt for the following forms of payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express credit cards via the secured PayPal system.

CONTRACTUAL PROCEEDINGS: In order to contract an enrollment package through the Jazz School Online Site, the User should take the following steps: 1. The User should register using the form available for students. 2. The User can modify their personal information provided in the registration form in the My Locker area.  3. After registering the User will select the desired enrollment package. 4. The User will proceed to pay for the selected enrollment package using one of the indicated payment methods. 5. The validity and activation of the enrollment is contingent upon the receipt of the total payment of said enrollment. 6. Jazz School Online will confirm successful enrollment and valid payment via email which will be sent to the address that the User has provided in their enrollment form within five (5) working days.

MODIFICATION: The Service Provider reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, and at any time, the following conditions. In this case, the publication and notification of these changes will be made available to the User with as much previous notice possible. This information will be made available through the Jazz School Online website.

RESPONSIBILITY: Access to Jazz School Online, its information and contents, will be carried out according to the established terms and conditions of this Agreement and will be the exclusive responsibility of those whose do so. Jazz School Online denies any responsibility related to the information found outside of this Site and that which is not directly negotiated with its webmaster. The technical devices of existing links in the educational platform of the Jazz School Online have the exclusive use of informing the User of other existing sources of information that can amplify the information provided by Jazz School Online. Jazz School Online cannot be held liable for any information obtained through said links. Jazz School Online is not responsible for any of the content of other web sites that are not owned by them and over which they do not have unlimited control. The Services Provider is not responsible for the ideas and opinions expressed by members of the Jazz School Online community. These ideas or opinions are the responsibility of each and every person who expresses them as is clearly stated in the copyright laws which govern this website. Jazz School Online, will give uninterrupted service and will employ all means possible and within their control to re-establish connection in case of loss of connection. Jazz School Online cannot guarantee the continuous availability of its services, being exonerated from any responsibility for possible damages caused due to the unavailability of its services due to circumstances that are out of its control, failure, on the part of its suppliers, to execute their duties or the lack of proper transmission of data due to difficulties experienced by data networks. All Jazz School Online passwords and login names are exclusively for personal use and are non-transferable. The services and content of the Jazz School Online are for the exclusive use of registered Users and are non-transferable to third parties. The User agrees to the lawful use, with good intentions, of the contents and services of Jazz School Online, the User being the only responsible party.

CANCELLATION: The User can, at any moment and unilaterally, cancel their contract with the Service Provider. The User should send a written communication clearly stating their desire to end their contractual agreement with the Service Provider to the following email address: . Enrollment fees are non-refundable irregardless of the type of enrollment package chosen and no amount of enrollment fees will be returned to the User upon receipt of said cancellation. Said fees are paid in advance and are for enrollment and registration purposes and are non-refundable.

CONTRACTUAL RESOLUTION: By signing this Agreement, (signified by completing the enrollment process), the User renounces any legal right granted to them to resolve by economic refund any cancellation of services or enrollment. The Service Provider reserves the right to deny access, at its discretion, at any time and without warning, to any User of all or part of this website without refunding any payment made on the part of the User if the User has used the information provided in the website for fraudulent purposes or has provided erroneous payment information.

INTELLECUAL PROPERTY: The texts, designs, images, audio, databases, logos, structure and other elements of this website are protected by intellectual property laws and are the international treaties. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification or any other exploitation in any way or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Service Provider. The Service Provider reserves all operational rights with sole exception of material of each and every author, artist, or musician, whose materials are governed by copyright laws. All contents and materials in this website are protected by the governing laws regarding intellectual property. The User agrees to not publish, transmit, manipulate, alter, transform, modify, copy, distribute in any way through any means, the lessons contained in this website without prior written permission of Jazz School Online or the author, artist or musician to whom said material pertains. The use of said material for commercial purposes or distribution in any form or by any means is completely prohibited. The User is able to print and store any information contained on the website for personal use only. With this Agreement, the User agrees to not transform, sell, rent, publish, distribute, transmit, nor facilitate access to the contents of Jazz School Online to third parties not expressly stated in this Agreement. Actions to the contrary will implicitly imply the application of current civil laws governing this Agreement and the economic sanctions related to said laws as established in the Protection of Intellectual Property, Brands and Antitrust Practices Law found in the Civil Code. Jazzworkshop Productions as sole owner of Jazz School Online, reserves the right to cancel access to the website of any User who violates the laws and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Any User who violates the laws and conditions set forth in this Agreement will be prosecuted by the Services Provider.

PROTECTION OF DATA: Jazzworkshop Productions informs the User of the extisting automated information archiving system in use for operational purposes in agreement with the contractual agreement entered into by both parties. The User, in agreement with the laws in vigor, has the right to access, modify, rectify and cancel said data at any time. The Service Provider  requires certain essential information in order to provide the contracted services. Said information will be: first name, last name, date of birth, address and zip code, national identification number, driver’s license number or passport number, email address, as well as other information necessary for proper enrollment. The User will be duly informed when it is necessary to reveal such data in order to activate the services render by Jazz School Online. Should the User, at any time, require the assistance of Jazz School Online to access, rectify, modify or cancel the data given to the Service Provider during the enrollment process, a petition for assistance should be made to the following email address: where they should clearly state the information requiring change and the motive for the petition. Jazz School Online agrees to take all reasonable measures in adoption of the technical and organizational measures to guarantee confidentiality in handling the data, avoid the alteration, loss, and non-authorized access. Student enrollment, school subscription or visitor registration implies the express authorization of the Service Provider to send academic and corporate information to the email address provided by the User in the registration or enrollment form. The User can cancel said authorization at any time by communicating their written petition to with the subject title "Request to be removed."

JURISDICTION: The use of the elements on this website imply agreement with the legal terms expressed herein and, specifically, that conflicts related to this website will be resolved exclusively according to Canadian Law, being the Canadian Courts and Tribunals the only competent authorities. Jazzworkshop Productions will prosecute, using all and every civil and penal action possible, through Canadian Courts and Tribunals any person who does comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. The User, in accordance with this Agreement, will be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the information or services contained or provided by the Service Provider and its website.

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