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  1. Sign in to Jazz School Online web site.
  2. Select the Lessons that you wish to study from a choice of 75, three-part Harmony and Improvisation Lessons.
  3. Your selected Lessons will now be available for your private study in your 'Locker' area.

What you will find in each lesson:

  • 3 Individual Videos – Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Score – A printable PDF transcription of the Lesson.
  • Scratch Pad for your own personal note taking.


The video is downloaded in streaming format, so you will begin to see the image in a few seconds. Normally, depending on your connection, our Lessons can take from 15 seconds to download with a fast connection, to 8 minutes with dial-up. Each video for each Lesson is available in two different sizes. Choose the most suitable for your connection.

Your subcribed Video & PDF Lessons are available for your personal study in your 'Locker' area. Your Lessons are available to you 24/7.

If you detect some irregularity when viewing the videos, be sure that you have updated your Flash plugin. In order to do this, please see our Technical Requirements area.


All of our Video Lessons come with a printable PDF transcription of the Lesson, which opens as a reduced-size photo beside the video. The score can be enlarged by clicking on the Enlarge Score icon. Print it out and then close that window to continue viewing the video. All scores include the number of the Lesson, level and title. It's a good idea to arrange and classify the scores in a folder. This way, you can bring the exercises with you to the studio and practise everything that you have been studying.

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